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Frankincense Lavender Body Cream Recipe

Here is an easy recipe for a body cream that I made my mom. She was looking for something less “greasy” than the body butters, but more creamy than a lotion. She also asked that it contain two specific essential oils: Frankincense & Lavender. It turned out great and so I share the recipe with you guys. Back story, if you're interested (if not, skip to the recipe below):   My mom has been applying Frankincense Essential Oil directly to her chest for about two months. Twice a day she generously applied the oil directly to her skin to help reduce wrinkles, age spots and sun spots. At the age of 58, with decades of sun-tanning under her belt, she was skeptical that...

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Homemade Body Butter Recipe with Frankincense & Peppermint

Looking for a creamy, long-lasting body butter that is good for your skin? How about one that can help reduce the signs of aging: wrinkles and sun spots? Last night I made a Frankincense Peppermint body butter. It was very easy to make as I only needed four ingredients, and in 10 minutes the body butter was made and ready for testing. My 6 year old daughter was my guinea pig.  She has very dry hands and doesn’t like to use lotion since she sucks her thumb at night. She thinks lotion tastes bad (which it does), so her hands continue to get more and more dry. Last night she agreed to try my new body butter. It was very creamy...

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