About us

Butterfly Beauty Shop is a family owned business, founded by two moms. We love natural beauty products but hate the high-retail price that comes with it. So, we decided to create our own brand of premium, high-quality, natural products BUT offer them to you for a reasonable price.

Our first product was Lavender Essential Oil. It’s a premium essential oil and comes from steam-distilled lavender flowers grown in Provence, France. We tried many samples from around the world and our Lavender Essential Oil can be compared with the best out there (but for 1/2 the price)!

Our French Lavender Essential Oil was such a hit, that we have continued to add new single oils, oil blends, a carrier oil and even aromatherapy necklaces to our store.

All our oils are 100% pure, natural, undiluted and extracted through steam distillation or cold press methods. Each oil is GC/MS tested for purity.

We hope you enjoy our products and the blog we’ve created to share useful Tips, Recipes and Homemade/DIY projects.

Colleen (founder) with one of her daughters.

Vanessa (founder) with one of her daughters.

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Butterfly Beauty Shop, LLC
P.O. Box 464
Ridgecrest CA 93556